Belfast Late Night Art Tour Part 1

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So, as the title implies, I went on th bus tour that goes round several galleries in Belfast… “late” at night. It’s actually from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, which would be kinda late if we hadn’t finished early (9pm).

If you’re interested in going on it, you should. It gives you an idea of the art galleries that you can find in Belfast and a quick tour of some of the public art too. I think it runs the first Thursday of every month. For more info, try here or here.

The tour starts at the Noughton Gallery at Queen’s University. We had parked at Victoria Square, which is already maybe a 5 min walk to the City Hall, so, not knowing anything about buses or the like, we then ran from the City Hall to Queen’s University. Panting and sweaty, we turned up at the front entrance just 5mins before the tour was meant to start, to find that the graduation ceremony was about to begin. Soooo… there we were, looking a mess, in a huge crowd of beautiful and dressed up people. Awkward =\

Anyway, we finally found our way to the Noughton Gallery, and so we got to see the first exhibition of the evening =] Coming in, this was the first display we saw;

Chinese Silver

It looks gold in the picture, but it's actually silver.

More Chinese Silver

Again, looking gold, buuut... not really.

Silver Candlesticks

It's silver, I swear...










The actual exhibition itself was by Neil Shawcross and it was about Penguin books. I didn’t take any pictures of this exhibition. I suppose it was interesting, but it was much of the same and it’s not really my thing. For those who are interested, though, here is the description on the website and just in case the web page gets taken down, here are some of the images from the site;


Life Class

Life Class

Androcles and the Lion

Androcles and the Lion

Murder by Burial and The Wooden Overcoat

Murder by Burial and The Wooden Overcoat

Put Out More Flags, Ragged Banners and No More Parades

Put Out More Flags, Ragged Banners and No More Parades














The first stop on our tour was the SpaceCraft gallery. As the word “craft” implies, this one was all, well, crafty. The gallery’s setup was more like that of a shop, and, indeed, everything there could be bought. It ranged from the more normal jewellery to some very unusual sculptures. I photographed the ones that I liked and some of the more unusual ones.


Broaches in a cupcake stand

Broaches in a cupcake stand

Glass and shards

Glass and shards

Fascinator and Jewellery

Fascinator and Jewellery

Miniature World

Miniature World

Miniature World

Miniature World

Porcelain Vases

Porcelain Vases

Princess and the Frog

Princess and the Frog

Decorative plate

Decorative plate

Glass Orbs

Glass Orbs




This one is titled "Blow"

Glass Orbs

Glass Orbs

Wooden Clock

Wooden Clock

Wooden Clock

Wooden Clock








































Unfortunately, I didn’t really have time to take down all of the names of the pieces and who made them, so I suppose that will give you an excuse the visit the gallery! Haha

I took about a million more pictures here, but I really can’t fit anymore into this post.

Look out for part 2!

Life After Death

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Yes, this is not a depressing post. …At all. </sarcasmo>

Maybe a little controversial, but it’s my opinion, and everyone’s entitled to one.

Well, what made me think about this was some person on Formspring asking about life after death to this other person. They said they were afraid of death.  Now, I can totally understand this – fear of the unknown, fear of losing your friends and family, fear of there being really nothing after you die.

Of course, this touches on religious things a bit. If you believe in a god, chances are, you’re going to believe in some kind of heaven or hell, or even reincarnation. To be honest, I don’t know what I believe but that’s not what I’m here to discuss right now.

Personally – and this may sound odd – I think it would be much better if there were really nothing after death. Yes, all the memories you had, the secrets you never shared – your whole personality would be extinguished, which is very sad, but it also means that all of your mistakes, your regrets, your fears, your flaws, possibly even the inability to believe in a god would not haunt or torture you as the heaven or hell alternative may do. Your consciousness would be gone – you would never even realise what had happened because there’s no one there to realise anything. It’s completely painless.

I also think the heaven and hell idea is very flawed, and if I explain this, maybe you’ll see why I would much rather go for the oblivion alternative.

My problem with heaven is this. For example, and this is purely hypothetical, if I were to die and go to heaven, the only way for me to be truly happy is if I were with all of my loved ones – friends and family. But what if some of my friends and family didn’t make it to heaven? What if a lot didn’t make it to heaven? There are only three possibilities I could see in this situation;

  1. I would believe that my friends and family who didn’t make it were there. This would not be true, however, as they would simply be an illusion. Lies and deception in paradise? I don’t think I’d want to go there.
  2. I would be in heaven, knowing my friends and/or family would be in hell. I don’t think I’d be able to deal with that. It would be pure torture, knowing that the people important to me were facing real torture and I could do nothing about it – for all eternity.
  3. I wouldn’t even notice they weren’t there, or if I did, I would be so happy that I was with god or whatever that I didn’t care. This sounds like brain washing to me. I don’t want my opinions, my thoughts and my free will to be robbed of me. We’d all be mindless drones with no personality – but hey, we’re brain washed! We wouldn’t even notice!

See my problem? If anyone can help come up with something that may resolve my issues, I will welcome it. I simply came up with the things I listed above after trying to sort things out in my mind. I do not claim to be right or have all the answers, and I most certainly do not wish to offend anyone. These are my thoughts and that is all.

Now, if hell exists, I think everyone would have their own personal hell – whatever tortures them the most will be what they have to live through for all eternity. This could be mental or physical, depending on their situation.

For these reasons, I think nothing-ness after death would be better. Also, as a firm believer in science, I struggle to see how a person’s consciousness/soul could be transported anywhere without falling back on some supernatural, magical explanation… but heck, what do I know??

Thank you for reading and leave comments or something. I like hearing other people’s views and opinions. I encourage them! Hahaha

A New Year, Another Try…

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So, another year, another try on this whole blogging thing. A lot of things have happened since that last post in June 2010. A love found, a love lost, my brother’s rugby matches, terrorists killed, I turned 18, more video games I can’t afford, applying to university… the list goes on.

Since it’s been almost exactly a year, let’s start afresh and forget what I’d said I’d blog about… it never happened :3

First things first. I’m going to have a wee rant. As you can see above, I’m watching House. I’m currently in the 7th season and just about to begin episode 19 – “Temptation”. Now, there’s one thing I hate about most TV series – and you’ll find that almost all of my favourite series don’t have this problem – it’s when they don’t plan the direction that they want the show to go in in advance.

You see, I just watched S7 episode 15 “Bombshells” the other day, and I was loving it – especially the musical bit at the end!

(You want to watch it too. Trust me. Who doesn’t love Hugh Laurie. And a video with Hugh Laurie singing? Seriously. <3)

I’m not going to spoil what happens, but after that, in the last few seconds of the episode, they manage to turn the show from one of my absolute favourites to one I’m considering boycotting completely. They just stuck House in square one all over again, and messed us around for 7 whole seasons, which translates into 7 whole years!! They completely trivialise EVERYTHING that has happened since, what was it, season 4 or something? I can’t remember. And then the fact that the creators are just saying that that’s it – that story arc is over – is utter BS. They built this up for 7 years, and then just to dismiss everything that happened in a matter of SECONDS is heartless and stupid. I can’t say much more without giving out spoilers, but I will say this – I WANTED to see House happy and I WANTED to see his character develop.

By the way, I whole heartedly recommend anyone who reads this to watch House. Yes, I’m a bit late to join the band wagon, but apart from that one part that infuriates the pants off me, the 7 seasons it’s run for is actually pretty amazing. *coughhughlaurieistotallyhot…shutupheiscough*

I would gladly debate what happened with anyone in more detail, but I thought it’d be cruel to spoil everything here =]

Whew! Now that I have that out of my system…

I look forward to blogging more than once a year! Hahaha…


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So, I am going to a gaming/anime/generally nerdy convention over… next weekend! I’m really excited. So excited, in fact, that I feel sick just thinking about it. Man, SUCH a weird feeling.

Anyway, this is the site;

Unfortunately, it’s too late to get tickets online now, so anyone who wants to go must pay on the day.

I have tried convincing a few of my friends to go, and I think I may have persuaded one or two to go, however, I’m not actually sure. XD Haha… Is anyone else going? (Obviously there are others, but it’d be awesome to get a comment XD)

Here a few videos and pictures from last year’s – and keep your eyes peeled, you may catch a glimpse of me in there! (Or at least, someone you know…)

I am actually in this first one XDD So glad I’ve had a hair cut since… Hahaha

PC Area - Look at those nerds :3

Haha... What losers... OMG I CAN SEE ME!!


Lookin' reeeeaaally packed... OMG PLUSHIES <3

Recognise anyone from the Artist's Alley?

That’s all I’m giving you for now. You can look it up yourselves XDD Haha

Hope to see some of you there!

Happy Father’s Day!

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Anyway, I just celebrated Father’s Day with my lovely Father-bum. That’s his name. Totally. Well, that’s what I call him. It’s either that or Fatherbum.

Anyway, my mum and I decorated some short bread for him with lemon flavoured icing (and coffee flavoured. Random, I know) and drew cute droopy pictures on them, and used chocolate spinkles… icing pens… sugar flowers… and melted chocolate. They’re really adorable.

I took a photograph of them, but it’s on my brother’s phone, so I’ll update this once I get the pic transfered :3

Anyway, this evening we’re going to play a board game with him (monopoly, probably) and watch some Star Trek ❤ (Chekov is so cute :3 And I ❤ Spock too XDD). I’m such a nerd. (What annoys me so much about the new Star Trek movie is that they’ve paired Uhura and Spock, when it’s ALWAYS MEANT TO BE Uhura and Scotty…!! I’m so annoyed at that =[ Uhura and Scotty even get married… (see Star Trek movies with original cast) Sad times…)

Anyway, that was off topic.

Happy Father’s Day to all!

Remember to check out the Father’s Day PostSecrets here, and tell me what you’re doing with your father =]

Top Youtube Finds

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Just for the fun of it, I’m going to share a few of my favourite videos on Youtube. These are in no way a complete list, or in order but I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1. First up, a 15 second clip from one of the funniest movies ever XD

Employee of the Month;

Try clicking on 0:06 over and over after he says what he does, on full volume. I was laughing at this for hours… I’m amused easily, ssssshhhh…

2. Secondly – everyone loves Charlieissocoollike (c’mon, who doesn’t…? XD) and this has to be one of his funniest. Funny because it’s true? If I told you, I’d have to kill you. =]

3. This one’s completely random, but you get a really clear shot of my mother. So for all who know her – look! She’s famous!! XDD

4. I also love Nerimon’s videos XD Coincidentally, Charlieissocoollike’s best friend. So, for anyone who was confused about Lost’s story line, the ending or just had no idea what it was about – here’s a greeeaaat explanation XD I sound like the cornflakes tiger.

5. Because tampon ads are so freaking ridiculous. Someone needs a reality check.

6. One of my favourite videos of ALL time. It is so cleverly made. Note: Properly begins at about 1:09.

7. And finally (because I could go on forever…) something rather special! A nintoaster! Yep, it is what it sounds like –  a Nintendo Toaster. Plays games and… no, it doesn’t toast. This guy is a friend of the Angry Video Game Nerd’s, and you should check out his other projects, like the Super Genintari. Very cool.